AMI Testing Actuators are Suitable for long and short-stroke cyclic fatigue tests, Dynamic loading of materials, mechanisms and structures and to use in Earthquake simulation.

• AMI Testing Actuator including Actuator, Control Cabinet, Sensor Connection box, Software & PC, Load cell and Displacement sensor is a highly sophisticated equipment that combines all your requirements for testing purposes.

• AMI Actuators specifications:
1. Available in six types from 400 kgf to 15000 kgf with various speeds and strokes.
2. Free maintenance and robust Electromechanical Servo actuator with high displacement accuracy of 10μm and frequency response up to 10Hz.

• AMI Testing Actuator software specifications:
1. Operation modes of force control and displacement control are available.
2. Fixed excel input file, Feedback control mode and hybrid algorithm could be implemented.
3. All data from sensors save in excel format.

• AMI Testing Actuator Sensor specifications:
1. Sample rate is 1kHz/ch for force and displacement sensors.
2. Up to four ETDS (1μm Resolution Digital Displacement Sensor) instead of conventional LVDT could be used.